Moo's Protein Muffins™

Our signature protein muffin is a unique offering in the evolving food service market and was created for the clients who wanted a guilt free snack that complimented a healthy lifestyle. The simple carbs in the muffins are absorbed more slowly as a result of the protein content and helps to reduce carb cravings. The muffin balances Whey Protein powder with simple ingredients.

Now accepting orders for baked protein muffins Tuesday to Friday! (Edmonton + Area)

Protein Muffin Baking Mix Coming Soon! (Canada-Wide Shipping)

We've had such a great response since announcing out new line of products! Our goal was ti have it launched by August, unfortunately due to unforeseen delays in our production of product and packaging, we will be pushing the launch to September 2020. We thank you for your patience and we promise it will be worth the wait!!!